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December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016
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Just like an air conditioning system is a blessing during summers, a furnace acts like a saviour during the winter.

Air conditioning systems provides cold relief inside a house the way the furnace helps keep the house warm during  the winter. The furnace is a very common feature in every house in hilly or mountainous regions which experience severe weather. Therefore, buying a furnace can prove to be a worthwhile investment if you want to combat sever and harsh winters. One must understand that it is not a small task to own a furnace. If you do not take care of the furnace from time to time it can lead to accumulation of dust and other problems and can lead to breakdown. There are many furnace repair companies in Spokane who can repair and maintain an assortment of furnaces. However, it is better to maintain it regularly so that you do not fall into a situation of calling a furnace repair shop.


Following are few of the things which one should keep in mind for keeping their furnace fit and running:

  • Regular servicing-In order to keep your furnace up and running it is important to buy a servicing contract with it. This ensures regular maintenance and servicing. There are different types of servicing contracts available so please inquire about the kind of contracts available and get the one that suits your needs. There are few contracts which also cover breakdown cost. By regularly servicing the furnace, minor problems such as accumulation of dust etc. can be taken care of. If these minor issues are dealt with in a timely manner they would not result in a timely manner.
  • Use it judicially-Just like any other electronic item, the more you use it, the more it depreciates. Every piece of mechanical equipment that you own has a lifecycle which is determined by how it is used and when and for how long etc… your furnace is the same way and because of this it can have some components go out just by age and use like a circuit board. Since it’s a mechanical device you need to know its boundaries and capacity. Do not exceed its capacity as it not only leads to premature damage to the unit, it can also raise your electric bill.
  • Contact a professional service-There are many people who are good at DIY skills, however if there is a bigger problem than you can handle by yourself, then it is advisable to seek professional help. Minor faults such as cleaning the screen and maintaining the exteriors can be managed at home, but when it comes to technical problems then it is better not to fiddle with it. Do not wait for too long as the non-working furnace can gather dust and can result in a bigger problem.



If you are in a habit of getting your furnace serviced regularly then you would certainly not get a surprise. If you haven’t got your furnace serviced by furnace repair professionals in Spokane for a very long time, then you must keep an eye out for the following warning signs. A few of these warning signs need immediate attention as they can cause danger to your well-being and could lead to fatal accidents.

  • Raising electric bills – If you are shocked by the ever increasing electricity bills, then it’s time to check your electrical appliances, especially your furnace and air conditioner. Poor maintenance of electric furnaces leads to continuous wear and tear which reflects on the electric bills. A timely action can save your furnace from a complete breakdown and lead to a reduction in electricity bills.
  • Inconsistent performance – If your furnace does not provide even warmth and you have to adjust the setting very often, then you should get it serviced as soon as possible. There might be minor problem such as a block in the air filter but may lead to bigger problems.
  • Change in the flame color – A change in the flame color is the biggest indicator of any distress. If the color of the flame is blue then it depicts a healthy furnace however if it changes to yellow then it could be due to water leak or excess carbon monoxide. If you are experiencing something like this, then it’s time to pay immediate attention as it can turn into a health and safety hazard. In such a situation you must immediately get in touch with a furnace repair companies in Spokane
  • Weird sounds – Normally furnaces do not make weird noises. If it makes a squeaking or a rattling sound, then it should not be ignored as there could be a problem with the blower.

furnace pilot lightIf there are any of the above problems then it’s important to address it immediately than wait for it to get worse. Furnace repair companies in Spokane provide professional services and guarantee congestion free furnaces and are happy to provide after sales services as well. There are many Furnace repair companies in Spokane who are happy to provide a discount to new customers and senior citizens. Do not wait for your furnace to get worse. Get in touch with one of the professionals to find out what’s wrong with your furnace and how can it be repaired. And for the future, remember to keep up with its maintenance and servicing schedule so that a sudden breakdown does not take place.


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