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Air Conditioners in Spokane, WA

It’s no secret that Spokane is an ideal place to live and work. Outdoor life is ideal, the wildlife is common, and the weather is desired. The winter temperatures tend to be mild and the summer temperatures tend to be warm. It’s extremely common with newer homes and most office buildings to have an air conditioning system installed. Because so many places offer the convenience of cool air, there are a lot of people who need help when your a/c goes down. Nobody likes the feeling of too much heat which makes air conditioning service and repair common in Spokane as well.

Air Design has been in the HVAC installation, service, and repair industry for years and we’ve seen it all. It’s quite rare that we seen a new problem from the environment, animals, or just the wear and tear of use on your HVAC system. We’re the good guys and love what we do. We invite you to speak with the expert experts in air conditioning so that we can either help you solve a problem or install a new air conditioning the right way the first time.

Air Conditioning Units

If you're finding that your home is warmer than what’s comfortable in your home or office, even with the air conditioner running, then you might need to consider a larger cooling unit or more updated air conditioner compressor. Window unit AC typically isn’t strong enough for hot temperatures, but are used to take the edge off the heat, or even just to cool 1 room. The problem is the old AC units and window air conditioners are considered to be an less environmentally friendly and consume much more power, in effect increasing your monthly power bill - eek! Additionally, your current unit just might need some service or repair. Inefficiently running units are the biggest cause for being uncomfortable in hot weather indoors. This is Air Design’s specialty. We know just what to look for, what adjustments to make, and what parts are needed. Because of this intimate knowledge of HVAC units, we can make our service or repair call completed as quickly as possible - saving you both time and money! Your quick comfort is our biggest concern.

  • It's never fun to deal with issues in the middle of the night or when you're not home. We were facing a problem with our water heater. Air Design was on the spot and at our house with a fix in less than 35 minutes - in the middle of the night! I was so impressed. The tech was so kind and professional. They even gave us a follow up call to make sure all was well a few days later. They are my go-to company from here forward!
    Danielle P.
    Spokane, WA
  • We were spending far too much on our power bill in the summer and the winter. When the weather was extreme, it hurt our pocketbooks. Air Design suggested we supplement our heating and cooling system with a heat pump. We had never considered that. Our monthly power bill has decreased by 35%. What a great suggestion that we never would have thought of on our own.
    Janice N.
    Mead, WA
  • Our family has always wanted a fire pit in the backyard. I called around and got prices from all the retailers. I was amazed that the prices for the fire pit and installation from Air Design were equal to us just doing it ourselves. Simple and affordable. Thank you Air Design. I love our family nights around the fire pit!
    Aly T.
    Spokane Valley, WA
  • We had repair company after repair company come to our house to solve our problem with the furnace. Air Design found the issue that none of the other companies had even though to check. Their expertise and friendliness are 2nd to none. Give them a call before anyone else!
    Nathan H.
    Post Falls, ID
  • We've had our AC unit from Air Design installed 3 years ago and couldn't be happier. Every time we have had a question, the've been amazing with responses. The price was absolutely the best we found here in Spokane and the customer service has been incredible.
    Caleb R.
    Spokane, WA
  • The professionals at Air Design, really helped me out! I couldn't use my heater and it was getting cold outside! They came, fixed my furnace, and price was better than expected! Thank you so much guys! Air Design comes highly recommended!!!
    Jessica B.
    Spokane, WA

Ductwork Problems

If there is a problem with the ductwork, then the cost to repair your a/c unit or system may be more expensive. This will depend on the size and scope of the damage to the ductwork, and will be more costly than simply repairing the compressor unit itself. Consider that there might be the teardown and fix up of the finish on your wall. That might include the sheet metal ductwork or the drywall and paint. Not to worry as this is the least common problem that we face when helping with air conditioning service repairs.

How Air Conditioners Work

The majority of homes and smaller commercial air conditioning systems circulate a compressed gas refrigerant in a tubing system to cool and “condition” inside air of the home or building. The refrigerant in the tubing has to be re-cooled and condensed as it’s used, and outside air is the source most often used to accomplish this.

The refrigerants, widely recognized by the trademark name of “freon” (which is a registered trademark of the DuPont company), helps to cool and dehumidify the inside air. In a “forced air” system, an internal blower fan circulates the already conditioned air through the duct work in the building to the rooms where the cooler air is needed through vents. The air ducts typically run either below the ceiling and inside the rooms (conditioned air) or in the attic (unconditioned air). An outside fan pulls air across the external parts of the system to cool and condense the refrigerant. This air passes over the tubing (which is coiled) and the temperature of the air drops, cooling it off.

Thermostat Problems

The problem might be with the thermostat and not with the air conditioning system itself. If that is the case, then repair costs will be lower than having to fix the system itself. Air Design also services, repairs, installs, and replaces thermostats for just about any type of application.

Condenser Problems

Heat pumps are set up similarly to air conditioning units with a condenser system outside the home. If there are obstructions to that, then it might be a simple fix. The cost to repair a heat pump from the condenser side should typically be one of the more affordable repairs.

Residential or Commercial? - It Doesn't Matter!

Many companies use different types of air conditioning units for their business applications. You’ll find a higher percentage of businesses in the greater Spokane, WA area want to be as conservative as possible when it comes to energy costs. Commercial air conditioners tend to be a little larger and handle a lot bigger stresses of raising or lowering the temperature of the commercial building. Air Design can handle any type of HVAC repair or service that is needed.

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