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June 27, 2016
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With summer heat on its way, there arises a need for air conditioning. With rising temperatures, and the sun shining bright, everybody is looking for some respite from the intense heat. What better option than an air conditioning system. An air conditioner helps in providing a cooling effect which makes the homes more habitable.

In fact in big offices, machines such as computers also require suitable temperature otherwise its integral elements such as hardware can become overheated and slow. Therefore in most modern housing and commercial units’ the air conditioning unit is now more of a necessity than a luxury.

The irony is that in spite of it being a necessity, air conditioning system is still not affordable and above all, it requires ongoing maintenance in order to keep it up and running. Air conditioners are made upon complex mechanisms and small parts which a common man does not have the knowledge typically to maintain. Therefore there are many air conditioner repair Spokane service centers which look into the maintenances of air conditioners and its peripherals. Most of these centers are reliable and would provide you with the best of service, but it is still advisable to obtain some knowledge about the internals of an air conditioning system so that you do not appear naïve and are able to comprehend what the air conditioner repair Spokane specialist is trying to say.

The following information will help you get a brief insight about the HVAC devices which stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This will help you select the best of the technician as; you would be able to understand their technical terms while giving you a quote.

Know your air conditioning system

Regular Maintenance

In order to enhance the age of your HVAC system it is very important to undergo regular maintenance especially in case of an air conditioner.

Air conditioning maintenance is not a DIY task, however regular clean-up of the externals and checking on few internal things can definitely be done at home, if you possess basic knowledge about the system. Few things like accumulation of dirt on the externals as well as the filters, in the evaporate coil can lead to long term problems. An air conditioning system works clearly on pressure/temperatures relationship which allows the air flow through the furnace. This eventually passes over to the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. Due to an accumulation of dirt, the airflow is restricted which acts as a bottleneck and does not allow adequate cooling to take place because of high pressure.

An air conditioner is a complex structure which follows the process of refrigeration which converts gas to liquid due to de humidification, therefore if there happens to be hindrance in the smooth flow, it would adversely affect its performance. When we talk about performance it means that it would not only save you from visiting an air conditioner repair center in Spokane but would also increase its efficiency and reduce energy bills. Maintenance can also mean very simple things like dusting the dust on the external as well as internals with the help of a cloth so that the dust does not accumulate. This is no rocket science and can be done on a weekly basis.

Your air conditioner does not need to be charged every now and then

One of the major misconceptions as regards air conditioning is concerned is that the air conditioner needs to be recharged from time to time. As an air conditioner is a sealed unit and each and every leak is checked when it is installed. A leak in an air conditioning unit can mean a big problem which can lead to a bigger problem if not addressed on time, therefore when the system has been QC passed there is no point for a leak to happen. If there is a leak then it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. However many people to be on a safer side ,do check the charge from time to time to find out whether the charge is low and then can figure out a leak. If you are certain that the air conditioning unit which you are using is leek free then there is absolutely no need for you to get the pressure checked or charged. However as time goes by, it is common for an air conditioning system to lose some of its refrigeration, thus it requires a few things to be checked and changed which also consists of getting a charge checked. However, one must remember to get this done by a professional air conditioner repair in Spokane as it is quite complex and a small mistake can lead to a bigger problem.

Do it yourself tip which can save you from visiting an air conditioner repair in Spokane

If you hear a humming sound even when the fan is not spinning, then it’s because of the capacitor. This is not a major problem and you can do it yourself by giving a gentle push to the fan with a help of a stick. If the fan is able to spin with the help of a spin, then it requires the capacitor to be changed, which again is not too complex and can be done at home with some directions.

Air conditioner works on electricity, thus mostly a fault is due to an electrical problem.

Another major problem which requires maintenance is purely electrical and needs the help of an air conditioner repair Spokane. There are three major problems when we talk about electrical issues namely blown fuses which are located in the external side of the condensing unit, tripped breakers and the blown capacitors, which we spoke about (can be done at home with a bit of direction).As regards to the first two, if you are a bit of a do-it-yourself person and have a comfort level at handling electrical appliances then, the first two can also be managed with ease at home, with the help of some manuals and direction.. It’s very easy to find out what is giving a problem, if you can hear a humming sound then there is a problem with a capacitor, if there is no humming sound then it means that the power is not reaching the main system, that means there is a breaker and the fuse has been blown away.

Do not ignore the warning signs-act fast

Do not ever wait for your air condition to let you know that there is something wrong by shutting down or a complete breakdown. If you do not address the above points then with time it can lead to a complete breakdown. If there is a problem with your air conditioner you can definitely sense it with its performance or some strange sounds. Few things which you must keep your eyes on are check for frost or ice which generally accumulates on the copper lines. You can regard this as a red flag and it means that you need the help of an air conditioner repair Spokane

Air Conditioning Maintenance for summers and heating maintenance for winters

Just like an air conditioner which provides respite from the heat, similarly a heating system helps in keeping us warm during winter months. Both these systems require proper maintenance regime as they are made of complex parts which can go bad, if not taken care of. A replacement or a repair can cost a lot and if not addressed can also lead to a complete breakdown.

If compared to an air conditioning system, heating system is less complex and can benefit from routine cleaning schedule. There are primarily two aspects which need to be paid attention to, namely the thermostat and the distribution system. In order to keep your heating system up and running, it’s important to follow the following maintenance tips.
Heating System Maintenance Tips

  • Sometimes, the reason behind, underperformance of a heating system might just be sheer negligence, such as inadequate gas or oil. Many times people start to panic without even checking whether the gas supply is on, or there is adequate oil in the heaters. Therefore first and foremost check that the energy supply is reaching the system. It is obvious that in cases of an electric furnace, even if you try 100 times it would not work if there is no power supply. The simple solution to this is to switch on the power supply.
  • Another wonderful tip is to save energy as well as enhance performance of the heater by sealing the air ducts. By insulating the air ducts the performance of the system increases and it helps in destressing the system as well.
  • Cleanliness of the furnace goes without saying, when it comes to increasing the life span of the furnace. Other than just dusting and cleaning the furnace it is wise to check the condition of wires, fuses, tubes, and visible connections. If there is any damage then it must be replaced instantaneously, so that it does not cause further damage.
  • There should be special focus on the blower as, if the dust gets accumulated then it can disrupt the operation of the heating system and it might have to be taken to furnace repair Spokane. Other than the blower, the belts and pulleys in a heating system also plays a vital role and should be cleaned from time to time. Make sure that the power supply is switched off while you are cleaning the blower assembly.
  • If your furnace has oil ports in its motor, then it is wise to keep an eye on the motor, to figure out whether its properly lubricated or not. If there is too much of friction then it can prevent it to function effectively. By lubricating the motor with non-detergent oil, would help reduce friction and lead to easy function of the motor. Just a few drops of oil would be adequate, be careful of over lubricating it.
  • With time, everything goes to normal wear and tear, therefore check for any wear and tears of the belts, if they need to be replaced, then cautiously remove the belt and replace it with a similar one. They can be very easily purchased from any furnace repair Spokane centre.
  • For adequate and uniform heating, it is important for the vents to be duct free. If dust gets accumulated in the vent then it can block the vents and restrict the warmth to pass through.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

As mentioned above, air conditioning maintenance is a little more work that furnace maintenance, however if it is done regularly then it may not sound too cumbersome and may help you save from a visit to air conditioner repair Spokane. There are two parts which form the main body of an air conditioning unit namely condenser and an evaporator. A condenser is unusually facing outside the house and an evaporator is located inside. If both these units are in healthy working condition, then you can guarantee that your air conditioner may last for a long time.

  • Since the condenser is located on the outside, and facilitates as an exhaust, therefore it should not be obstructed by trees or any other solid object.
  • Superficial cleaning is a must. Dust the condenser fan fins. In order to reach to the fan you may remove the grille. You can even clean the grille with a help of a soft brush and dust of the fans with a feather brush.
  • During winters when the air conditioner is not in use, make sure to cover it with a special cover which protects the condenser from ice damage. To secure the air cover so that it remains in place during extreme weather especially during heavy rainfall and storm, it is wise to fasten a heavy duty cord around it.
  • Next important part is to clean the evaporator. With the help of a brush, try and clean the underneath of the evaporator. Also check for water accumulation especially in times of hot and humid weather condition. If the water is not drained out then it can lead to formation of mould and algae.

When to Seek Professional Services

For more complex problems which cannot be handled at home it is advisable to visit air conditioner repair Spokane and furnace repair Spokane who specializes in all kind of repairs and maintenances services for furnace and air conditioners. Following are few of the things which you must leave for the professionals to handle.

  • When a specific spare part is not available at the hardware store-There are times when you will not be able to find a particular spare part in the hardware shop. In case of sparse supply, it is best to get in touch with air conditioner repair Spokane and furnace repair Spokane as they have almost all the spare parts and that too of the best quality.
  • Fluctuation in temperature-Fluctuation in temperature or inadequate of uneven heating or cooling is one the first warning sign and this must be addressed to a professional repair centre than try on some DIY skills.
  • The unit does not turn on-If there is no apparent reason for it not to turn on, such as a problem with the power supply, or accumulation of dust, lack of oil in the heater etc., then its best to get in touch with a professional service centre to rule out complete breakdown.

Professional services may be a bit expensive but definitely not as expensive as a complete breakdown, therefore in order to save your air conditioning unit and furnace to breakdown its more advisable to visit an air conditioner repair Spokane and furnace repair Spokane
Benefits of Regular Heater and Air Conditioning Systems Maintenance
Following are few of the benefits of getting your air conditioning unit and furnace to get regularly maintained

  • Lower energy bills-You can make your white good more energy effective by getting it maintained. There are several activities which are undertaken which leads to more power saving performance.
  • Increases the life of your unit – By replacing a damaged part and by addressing any problem area definitely does help in increasing the life span of an air conditioner or a furnace.
  • Safeguards your house or office from accidents-All electric equipment’s must be checked and inspected regular and should be quality passed as ,due to continuous wear and tear can make a deemed QA passed electric item dangerous to use which can pose danger to life and safety.

In short every electric item must undergo regular maintenance in order for it to be safe and to be working in a perfect condition. Maintenance which is conducted at air conditioner repair Spokane and furnace repair Spokane centres checks your electric item from top to toe and gives a go ahead only when it is QC passed. They also replace and repair and damaged parts so that the electric items are in perfect working condition. Therefore it is advisable to at least undergo maintenance once a year for your peace of mind as well as maintaining a sound health of your air conditioning and heating device.

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