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Commonly asked questions about thermostats (controls)
April 6, 2016
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June 2, 2016
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We occasionally get asked the question…Can I just go and buy any outdoor AC to fit my house?

The answer is no.  The right sized coil (indoor unit) and air conditioner (outdoor unit) is very important and specific to each individual home.   Too large of equipment and your system will short cycle and cause your humidity levels to be uneven.  Too small of equipment and your system will run continuously trying to keep up, eventually freezing up, usually due to setting the temperature down 60 degrees or lower.  Your system just wont keep up when under sized.

NOTE: Never turn your thermostat down below 60 degrees, your system is prone to freeze up and stop working.   If you are experiencing problems with your system not cooling to set temperatures, turn off your AC, go inspect your indoor coil (located on top of your furnace) and your outdoor AC equipment, for ice.  If you find ice, keep your AC off and call one our professionals for service (509-487-cool).

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