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Having a working air conditioner is essential to ensure the comfort in your home or office. When it breaks down, the result is a sweltering, and uncomfortable environment. The best thing to do is address small problems with your air conditioner before they become more serious by getting in touch with professionals. We can ensure that our air conditioner will continue to work for years by scheduling regular air conditioning repair Spokane from professional HVAC service companies.

Some signs that indicate that we may need the help of a professional repair service include:

  • when the air conditioner does not provide adequate cool air
  • when our power consumption suddenly spikes
  • the unit stops working altogether.

When should we seek for air conditioning repair Spokane services? Here are a few instances:

When the air conditioning starts to make odd noises – Upon hearing the unit making sounds like bangs, whistles, and clangs, it is advisable to instantly call a repairman. There may be a loose or damaged component inside the device that needs immediate attention.

A musty, dusty smell is coming out of the AC vents – This is a sign that our AC has not been maintained properly, causing the system to accumulate dirt and pollen and reduce the air quality. This is a problem that an expert can easily fix.

There are hot spots – Our air conditioner should ideally provide even cooling all throughout the home and office. If there are specific areas in your home or office that are not cool enough, then it indicates that the air conditioning is no longer functioning efficiently.

The air conditioner is icing or freezing – If this happens, it is advisable to have the AC looked at by a professional to identify the cause of the problem. There are many reasons why this is happening, and an HVAC technician can find them and address the problem quickly.

What are some of the most common causes of air conditioner failure?

A tripped circuit – If the air conditioner is not turning on, it may be because the circuit is faulty. Check the circuit breaker and if the circuit has tripped, then we can resolve the problem by resetting it. Otherwise, we may need to have the wiring and terminals cleaned since they may have become corroded. If your AC is working too hard due to the heat, the unit may have tripped a limit switch. In this case, you need to consult a professional.

A defective thermostat or sensors – This may be the cause if the air conditioner unexpectedly cycles on and off or, does not turn on automatically when the heat rises. We can try realigning the sensor wire to get it to work again. It is found at the back of the control panel. Otherwise, we should have the unit looked at by a professional since the thermostat may need to be replaced.

Refrigerant leak – This is a serious problem, which affects not only the functioning of the air conditioner but also can compromise the quality of your indoor environment. To ensure that the air conditioner works properly, the level of the coolant should meet the requirements set by the manufacturer. Contact a licensed technician since it is no longer enough to simply refill the refrigerant to the right level.

Broken parts – If the air conditioner is older than five years and has not had regular annual maintenance, there may be parts that have become defective. The most vulnerable parts include the compressor, fan, evaporator, blower and condenser coils. In addition, the AC ducts may be leaking cool air. The air conditioner is at risk of severe failure that may result in replacing it entirely.

On the other hand, there may also be instances where it is best to replace your air conditioner entirely rather than having it repaired. For instance:

  • If energy bill increases – If your existing unit has increased its energy usage by ten to twenty percent, it may no longer be worth it to repair.
  • You can save more money in the long run by replacing it with a more energy-efficient unit.
  • If it no longer cools as well as it’s supposed to – If the AC can no longer provide cool air to the entire area of the home or office, then it is advisable to buy a more economical one. This will also save more money in the long term, in addition to ensuring that a cool and comfortable environment is created.
  • If you are calling a professional technical too often – If the problems of the unit require us to hire a repair service too often to fix them, it is a sign that we should replace our air conditioner. The repair costs will eventually become greater than the price of buying a new unit.

Of course, there are many simple maintenance tasks that we can do to keep your air conditioner in peak operating condition in between routine maintenance visits. For instance, we can keep its filter clean or replace it if necessary. Also, it is crucial to keep the condenser coils clean. If they are located outdoors, we need to ensure that they are not blocked by debris and dirt by cleaning the area around the coils. If there is foliage, trim it back by at least two feet so that the condenser has sufficient airflow.

While a regular technician can probably perform the basic maintenance tasks to keep air conditioners going, if we want to ensure that our unit enjoys optimum performance, then we need to use a service with licensed and certified HVAC technicians. What are the benefits of seeking professional air conditioning repair Spokane services?

  • The air conditioner will run more efficiently – When the unit undergoes regular maintenance as well as an annual checkup, the technician can identify and address small problems before they become more serious. Thus, your unit will be running efficiently, not only providing your home and office with the cooling that we need but also keeping your energy costs down. In addition, it is possible for you to avoid the high bills that come from serious AC problems that need major repairs.
  • Enjoy cost savings – It is always cheaper to address small problems now than to wait until they become more serious before calling in a repairman. In fact, these serious problems may eventually cause your air conditioner to break down entirely, meaning that we need to replace the unit in addition to paying for repair costs.
  • HVAC technicians can do more than just routine repairs – Professional services such as Air Design use licensed and certified HVAC technicians because they are well trained and bring a range of skills to any repair job. In addition, they are also skilled troubleshooters who know how to talk with clients. They can ask the right questions that will help them pin down the problem and make a preliminary diagnosis.

air conditioner repair SpokaneIn addition, air conditioning repair Spokane services will also install our air conditioning system to ensure that it provides adequate coverage of the area and works efficiently.

Air Design is a Spokane, WA-based HVAC company that has been in the business for over 35 years. With an experienced team of HVAC technicians, they can service and install all brands of equipment. They will even come to your location to give a free service estimate. Get in touch with them and expect them to get back to you as quickly as possible!

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